CURRICULUM VITAE - George Yerolimpos

George A. Yerolimpos, PhD

Place of Birth: Athens

Date of Birth: 10 June 1958

Marital Status: Married with one child

Education: Economist (Athens University of Economics)

Further Studies: PhD Dublin Metropolitan University

Foreign Languages:

1. French

2. English


Principal shareholder, President and Managing Director of the company "YERO SA."

Financial Director in the company "SAGERM SA" for 4 years



Executive Director of the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games until 2008 and President of the Marketing, Communication and Technology Commission until 2005as well as Member of the Technical Commission of the ICMG until 2008

Member of the Organizing Committee and the EB of the World Athletic Championships "Athens 1997"

Advisor of the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games "Athens2004" from 1/1/1999 until February 2004

Member of the Board of Directors in the Hellenic Olympic Committee (HOC) from 1996 until today

Vice Chairman of the Martial Arts Games Beijing 2010

Member of the management of International Olympic Academy (IOA) (1996-2000)

Secretary General of World Karate Federation (W.K.F)

Secretary General of European Karate Federation (E.K.F)

President of the Balkan Karate Federation (F.B.K.)

President of the Greek Karate Federation until 2002

Since February 2002 he is an Honorary President of the Federation

Member of the commission "New Ways of Communication" of European Olympic Committees (E.O.C.) for issues on information technology and communication


Bronze medal in European Shotokan Karate Championships 1986.

Bronze medal in Mediterranean Karate Championships at 1987.

Greek Karate Champion and member of the National Karate Team from 1984 to 1989.

International Referee of Karate since 1992 (KATA και KUMITE).

Sailing athlete of Nautical Team of Vouliagmeni (Ν.Ο.Β.), international athlete in category "mistral" (1984).

Hockey athlete, Greek Cup winner

He has won 6th Grade/Dan Karate.


Council Board member of Sports Economists Association until 2004

Ex Council Board member of Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry

He has been elected member of the C.B. of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry for 4 years and has dealt with the research and study of tire recycling

Former Vice-President of the European Commission of Tire Recycling

Former C.B. member of the Athens University of Economics Alumni Association

Representative of the Sports Section of the Governmental Commission for observing the Greek Presidency in the European Union

Dealing with other sports apart from Karate, Sailing and Hockey: Football, Tennis and Swimming

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