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 M. Palmer answers that only a few countries informed on the number of attendees and consequently it is difficult to satisfy them if the countries do not report on the needs that must be satisfied during the Championships. The Congress decide that the activity will be held at UEK Headquarters and any DC member will have permanent access to files. M. Aarts (BEL) comments that Technical Committee meet just once and for half of a day and finds that it is not enough, he asks for a two-day meeting. M. Basile says that he is going to study that possibility. It is decided that the Organizing country is not responsible for the competition itself, but the Directing Committee. A report is forwarded on the referee course in Split (YOU).

The following applicants have been appointed International Referees: MM. Berdekens (BEL), Boutros (FRA), Vichet (FRA), B.Donn (GB), S. Arncil (GB), Pio Gaddi (ITA), Jorga (YOU). Ont ete nommes arbitres Internationaux stagiaires: MM. Faurier, (NED), Ham (NED), Collyn (BEL), Dehacs (BEL), Szkodzinski (FRA), Delcourt (FRA), Jenkins (GB), Grosso (ITA), Notari (ITA), Broggi (ITA), Zarko (YOU), Berislaw (YOU), Topic (YOU), Jorga W (YOU). M. Somers, Assistant Treasurer, was re-elected unanimously. Belgium presents its candidature to host Easter referee course in 1970, in Ostende. The Congress approves it.

Four new countries are definitely accepted: Spain, Ireland, Sweden and Luxembourg. V European Championships were held in Hamburg (Germany) in May 1970. This year is particularly very important for Karate, as WKF statutes are established and the first World Championships are held. As intended, the referee course takes place in Ostende and on 30th May 1970 , VIII EKF Congress is held in Hamburg. First of all, the Congress ratify the decisions taken by Directing Committee at their meeting on 7th March in Florence (ITA). Results of European Championships are: ratify Individuals, Valera beat Gruss (Fra). Bronze medal winners: Baroux (FRA) and Higgins (GB). Team category: West Germany beat France; Great Britain and Yugoslavia share bronze medal.

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