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Talks are starting regarding women who attend the exam, the case will be submitted to the Technical Committee. A seat in the Directing Committee must be re-elected, M. Cherix is re-elected unanimously. The organisation of year 1968-1969 is set : the Technical Committee will meet in January 1969 at an International event. The meeting of the Directing Committee is set end February 1969 in Brussels. Yugoslavia proposes to organise the 2nd refereeing course in Opatija from 3rd to 6th April 1969. M. Collyn proposes the organisation of the 3rd course in 1970 in Ostende. It is agreed in principle. The 7th European Championships will take place in London on May 10, 1969, the 7th EKU Congress will be held the following day, May 11. For 1970 Championships, 3 countries apply: Italy, Germany and Netherlands. The 7th Congress will take the decision. MM. Kase and Mochizuki are unanimously re-elected as technical counsellors.

M. Delcourt says he is in touch with Africa, that an African Union is creating and that the General Secretary is in contact with Australia. President Delcourt believes these are encouraging information and that an International Karate Union may be created swiftly. Four federations requested information to enter EKU: Spain, Israel, Finland and Ireland. A badge (drawn by Mrs Delcourt) is studied then adopted. M. Sommers is in charge for the making. International referees shall wear an identical suit defined as : dark navy blue blazer (straight with 3 silver buttons), light grey trousers, white shirt, dark tie (black or navy blue), black shoes with supple soles. M. Aarts asks that the name of M. Plee be added to the list of the EKU funding members, in regards to his contribution to the launching of Karate on Technical plan in Europe.

The proposal is unanimously accepted. VII EKF Congress opens in London in May, 11th 1969. The results of the IV European Championships were ratified: In individual, Valera beat Gruss (Fra). The bronze medal winners were: Jorga I (YOU), Sherer (West Germany). In team modality, France beat Great Britain, and Belgium and Yugoslavia shared the third place. There were 10 participating countries. The Technical Counsellor T Kase, considers that the level of competitors has increased, however referees have not made much of a progress. President Delcourt answers that only two referee courses have taken place, the basis are good but holding just an international referee course every year it is not possible to unify refereeing basis, experience can not be acquired only through National Federations. Travelling and meals of referees are criticized.

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