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The issue will be studied and the Japanese experts will be consulted. On January 28, 1968, EKU first technical meeting was held in Paris. It is actually the first ever technical meeting. Are attending : MM. Delcourt (FRA), Aarts (BEL), Arneil (GB), Baroux (FRA), Basile (ITA), Luiten (HOL), Jordan (SUI), Plee (representing Yugoslavia); was absent M. Feucht (GER), invited, M. Morris (SCO). The main issue of the meeting was the organisation of the refereeing. The decision taken is to draft an exam programme in order to appoint international referees. The exam will take place once a year during an international course. The jury will be nominated by the Directing Committee.

The programme is composed of 8 points : be a national referee, presented by one's federation, be up to date with the fees, be at least 1st Dan, be at least 21 years old, compulsorily participate to the course, pass the exam before the practice, with an average mark of 5 points out of 10; the general average mark cannot be less than 11 out of 20. M. Basile is elected Secretary of the EKU Technical Committee by 5 voices for against 2 for M. Aarts. Existing EKU refereeing rules are kept. A study will be made by the committee concerning the various rules throughout the world. The 4 corner judge with 1 central referee is maintained. On May 5, 1968, The 6th EKU Congress was held in Paris. Seven countries are attending : Austria (power give to M. Brand), Belgium (Collyn), Germany (Brand), Great Britain (Sommers), Netherlands (Van Hellemond), Yugoslavia (Yorga), France (Delourt), invited : Spain (Lazaro). Switzerland (Cherix) is absent. The results of the 3rd European Championships are the following: in team, France beats Belgium. Semi-finalists: Italy and Yugoslavia. In individuals, Sauvin (FRA) beats Valera (FRA°, semi-finalists Kosakowitch (BEL) and Grossetete (SUI). M. Collyn protests against the fact that France and Yugoslavia agreed on the name of a referee concerning the match opposing them.

But, until this day, it was not forbidden. After long talks, the Congress decides that no country will have a veto right and will have the right to object to a referee, no country will have the right to agree on a referee's name, the list of the referees will be drafted every year and conveyed to the Director of the competition who, with the help of the Technical Committee Secretary will appoint the referees for each competition. The central referee shall be neutral, regarding the corner judges, the equality shall be respected, for example, 2 neutrals and one of each competing countries. The Congress, on the basis of the Technical Committee proposal ratifies the results of refereeing exams : 18 international referees and 14 trainee international referees (among whom, MM. Morris and Spanton, who will both go a long way).

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