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The Congress approves unanimously both proposals and goes to the following issue: new affiliations. Yugoslavia declares 15 clubs and 2000 members and is accepted. Regarding, Ireland, M. Sommers is charged to inquiry the real importance of the federation. The decision is delayed. So is the affiliation of Scotland which wants a separate affiliation. An inquiry will be made among the other sports before making any decision. The elections for the free seats are held : M. Plee (FRA) is elected at general secretary, M. Ceracchini (ITA), as vice-president and M. Leo Arts as Treasurer. The 1967/1968 calendar is reviewed. Italy informs it cannot organize the 1968 European Championships. France proposes to replace it what is accepted.

The Championships will be held on May 4th 1968 in Paris and the 6th Congress, on May 5th 1968. The 2nd referee course will be held in Yugoslavia, in Split. The International Cup in Cannes is confirmed on July 15th 1967. Precision: Teams will be Club teams and not national teams. A Technical Committee is created; it is in charge of technical issues and refereeing. Each federation shall send the secretary the name of one applicant to seat in the Committee. M. Suzuki is nominated Technical Adviser for Wado-Ryu style. For Shotokan , the seat is proposed to M. Kanazawa who asks to consult his federation. The fees are up to 100 USD per year.

A European Championships entry fee is set to 1USD per competitor, individual and team. The Directing Committee members will be taken in charge by the EKU. The EKU members, founders of the Union are given the title "Founder member of European Karate Union". This award gives them the right to attend, during their whole life, EKU Meetings and Congress and have a consultative voice. Are concerned: MM. Delcourt (FRA), Aarts (BEL), Cherix (SWI), Basile (ITA). M. Paanen (NED) asks for the organization of European Kata Championships.

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