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The Congress decides to nominate 2 controllers in charge to verify the accounts before each Congress (the day before or on the morning if the Congress is set on the afternoon). The Congress will only approve the accounts after the report of the controllers. As M. Leo Arts (Belgium) is an accountant, the President asks him to accept the position of Treasurer. The Congress modifies the article 19 of the statutes in order to allow a Directing Committee Member to be treasurer. The financial year is set from 1st January to 31st December. The sheets will stick to this period.

The Congress votes the two controllers: M. Paanen (Netherlands) and Plee (France). Analyzing the 2nd European Championships, President Delcourt submits two remarks to the Congress: 1) It was set that each team shall be composed of 5 fighters plus 1 reserve. But one country had two injured competitors and had to fight on with only 4 fighters what put them in inferiority. The proposal to have 5 competitors and 3 reserves was rejected as it would favour the organising country, which can always get as many reserves it wants. M. Sommers (GB) propose that the decision to change a competitor comes out from the doctor, what is rejected.

Finally, the decision is to compose teams of 5 competitors plus 2 reserves. This system has never been changed and remains today. 1) Second remark, the individual fights are the hardest and the competitors come out exhausted, what makes the Team competition less interesting while it is the most prestigious title. President Delcourt suggests starting with the Teams, the competitors will be less tired to start the Individuals and it will give each nation the possibility to choose for Individuals according to Team results. It will also be stimulating.

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