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That is to say a 499.60 FF positive balance. The President then closes the Congress. Among the competitors of the 1st European Championships, some athletes will become famous : T. MORRIS, who will become Chairman of the WKF and EKF Referee Councils, P.SPANTON, who will be charged of the WKF and EKF computer system and GUY SAUVIN, to become WKF (WUKO) and EKF Technical Director and Dominique VALERA, whose name is known by all karatekas. In 1967, the first referee course in history is held in Rome (Italy). The applicants will remember it : the accommodation and the courses were inside a sports centre surrounded by a double barrier where ferocious dogs (compared to them, pit-bulls were just nice sheep's!) were circulating.

During the 8 days of the course, no one could get out from the complex. The main task was to harmonise the refereeing rules, on the basis of JKA rules. The 2nd European Championships are held on 5th and 6th May 1967 at the Cristal Palace of London. There were perfectly organised by MM. Sommers and Palmer, the Chairs of British Federation. In individuals, (the weight categories did not exist yet), Baroux (FRA) beats Desnoes (FRA), thirds Jordan (SWI) and Spanton (GB). In teams, Greta Britain beats France, thirds: Germany and Italy.

The 5th Congress opens on 7th May 1967 at the Cristal Palace. 8 countries are members of the EKU : Great-Britain, Belgium, Federal Republic of Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France, Italy, and Switzerland. Two countries asked for affiliation: Yugoslavia (MM. Bilbija and Jorga) and Ireland (M. Conway). Among the guests can be seen: MM. T. Morris, Kono, Toyama, Kanazawa, Mochizuki, Sagimura, and Suzuki. Netherlands are represented by their new president, M. Bontje and Italy by M. Ceracchini. After the opening of Congress by President Delcourt and the welcoming speeches, the first issue on the agenda is discussed: Treasury.

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