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The first German championships took place in Schweinfurt, refereed entirely by MM. Delcourt and Sauvin. Switzerland (M. CHERIX): 12 clubs and 500 members, because of a lack of means, they cannot hire a Japanese expert and M. CHERIX does the courses. France (M. DELCOURT): 200 clubs and 3000 licences. (NOTA: to have an idea of the increase, in 1998, 3600 clubs and 204.000 licences !) Italy (M. BASILE): Two Federations ask to enter EKU, the KIAI and the FIK The KIAI gathers 23 clubs and 950 licensees. The FIK (M. PORZIO DI BORGO) gathers 23 clubs and 700 licensees. Both Federations agreed to unify. Netherlands (M. BLADT): several existing organizations try to make a confederation - the NKA (1000 practitioners), the NKF (300 members), the FNJB (1500 members), where the Japanese KONO teaches, and the group of M. KASE (300 members).

The Congress analyses the results of the European Championships. The opinions differed: M. BRAND (Germany) tells that the fights are too hard, M. CHEERIX (Switzerland) thinks that the rules were violated several times, M. BASILE (Italy) insist on control, M. SOMMERS (Great Britain) does not agree regarding the toughness of the fights, he thinks Karate is not dancing and that virility must prevail. M. DELCOURT thinks that a fight is tough only if the referee tolerates R. M. CHERIX (Switzerland) asks M. SUZUKI why competitors who face injured their opponent, were declared winners , M. SUZUKI answers that many competitors injured themselves moving towards their, opponent uncautionely and «impaling » on his guard, in this case, they are responsible for their injuries.

He also thinks that many competitors suffer a lack of physical condition and collapse on light attacks, others do not know how to block or dodge the attacks. The Congress goes to others issues : the Referee Committee created, M. SOMMERS (GB) is elected assistant General Secretary, the1966/1967 calendar is studied, the candidature of Great Britain is agreed, the 2nd European Championships will be held in London in May 1967. Italy applies for 1968 and Germany for 1969. The Cannes International Cup is set to July 16th, 1966. Two technical advisers are nominated: MM. SUZUKI and MOCHIZUKI. Finally, the Congress votes the accounts which are: incomes: 1023.64FF and expenditures : 524.04 FF (i.e. would mean today around 100 USD!).

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