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In fact, no change compared to the 1964 committee (except M. BRIEF disparition). The Congress decides budget, refereeing rules, an International Cup in Cannes and ...the 1st European Championships. They are set to May 7th, 1966 in Paris, Categories: team: 5 competitors + 1 reserve, and individuals: 4 competitors per nation, without weight category and only on pools (the female competitors will compete only 10 years later). They decided that the Directing Committee will meet one month before the Championships to settle all the details.

To note: the 4 th. European Congress took place in 1963 and the 1st European Championships in 1966, what explains the 3 years gap between the Congress and European Championships numbers. For example, in 1998, was held the 36th EKF Congress, and the 33d European Championships.

On May 7th, 1966, the first European Championships were held in Paris. Surprisingly, it was a success: 300 spectators, live TV : the Italian team came with a very famous movie star: Elsa MARTINELLI. For the team competition, 5 nations entered Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Italy, France, and 6 countries for the individual competition (same ones + Austria On semi-finals, Switzerland beats Italy, France beats Great Britain. For the 3rd place, Italy beats Great Britain. In finals, France beats Switzerland. Please note that the Swiss team never competed, not even clubs competition.

On individual competition, semi-finals, BAROUX (France), beats GERONEMA (Italy); SAUVIN (France) beats SETROUK (France). In finals, BAROUX beats SAUVIN. 'The matches were very hard, many face injuries were deplored. The directors decided to discuss the problem ... which was not solved 33 years later! Great Britain (President M. SOMMERS), 69 clubs, 1000 licensed, 3 Japanese experts teach on full time: MM. SUZUKI, SHIOMITSU and TAKAMIZAWA Great Britain applies for the organization Of the 2nu European Championships. Austria (President M. Karl NEVECERAL), 4 clubs and 800 licensed. Germany (President M. BRAND): 27 clubs and 1300 licensed.

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