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Mr. Delcourt states that Karate must be organized at world level. In order to make it possible, he creates the International Karate Union, and announces that Paris is a candidate to host the first World Championship in November, 14th 1970. A referee course is planned for November, 13th. The Congress gives their approval and the meeting is closed. From now on, events will happen in all haste in 1970. Mr. Ryoichi Sasakawa, President of the Japanese Federation, travels to Paris to meet again Mr. Delcourt and states his interest in taking part of construction of Karate at a world level but it is not possible, because of prestige reasons, to become a part of a world organization already existing, he proposes to cancel UIK and to found a new organization starting with Japan and UEK. Finally an historic agreement is reached and is signed between the two leaders on 16th June 1970 in Paris, which states that "from that moment on FAJKO and EKF will work together for the development of Karate worldwide". The new organization is called WUKO.

Mr. Sasakawa proposes that Mr.Delcourt should be the President and he will be the Honorary President. Mr. Delcourt does not agree with it, he thinks that for prestige reasons the Presidency must go to Mr. Sasakawa, and he will act as Chairman, and later on the Congress will decide on the Presidency according to statutes. This historic agreement was greatly important for small organizations or clubs, which were not affiliated to UEK. Mr. Sasakawa returns to Paris in August, 9th 1970, accompanied by MM. Eriguchi, Nakayama and Kagawa and organizes an International Karate Conference at the Intercontinental Hotel, where every European organization or from any other part of the world have been invited. The Japanese Embassy is represented by Mr.Hatori.

After listening to all different points of view, Mr. Sasakawa tries to make everybody agree and at the end of the meeting informs that the agreements signed with Mr Delcourt are definitive. First World Championships will be hosted by Tokyo in October, 10th 1970, where the first WUKO Congress will take place.

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