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Mr. Both (Ned) proposes to establish a repechage system. This issue is put to the vote. There are 5 votes for it, 3 votes against it, and 2 abstentions. Consequently, it is decided that repechage system will be used in the following Championships. A discussion arises around refereeing, too much injured, Mr. Franco de Arabia (Esp.) proposes that a date should be settled, before competitions, for a technical meeting once every year. He is answered that is already being held and with Mr. Basile as Chairman. M. Messer's (Sweden) asks for the settlement of a date from that moment on. Mr. Hardwood (GB) does not agree with the draw system, he suggests having fighters with the same nationality in the same pool. Congress has a completely different point of view.

Yugoslavia presents its candidature to host the VI World Championships from 28th to 30th May 1970 in Belgrade. The Congress gives their approval. Elections take place and Mr. Delcourt is re-elected President. For Vice President position, there are three voting rounds showing the same results: 5 votes for Brandt (GER), and 5 votes for Both (NED). According to statutes, the President is asked for his vote to break the tie. Based on his experience and work, Mr. Delcourt votes for Brandt, who is elected. Mr. Joys (FRA) is elected for the General Secretariat. Mr. Franco de Arabia (ESP), proposes that candidatures should be submitted a month before the Congress and forwarded by the corresponding national federation.

The Congress approves it. The candidature of Israel is accepted with 9 votes for it and one abstention (Yugoslavia). The referee course will be held in Ajaccio (Corse) from 6th to 12th April 1971. M. Jorga (YOU) asks for the weight categories to be settled. A first voting round takes place: 7 votes for it, 3 votes against it. This issue will be studied by the Technical Committee and forwarded afterwards to the next Congress.

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