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On May 24th 1964, the 2nd Karate European Congress was held in Paris. Were attending, for Germany, M. BRIEF, for Belgium, MM. GOETZ and FANNOY, for Switzerland, M. CHERIX, for France, MM. DELCOURT and SEBBAN. Were excused, M. BELL (England), M. PAANEN (Netherlands), and the representants for Italy and Spain (their names do not appear on the minutes). After a general survey on karate in each country, the delegates decided that they had to elect an executive body and so a Directing Board was elected : President Jacques DELCOURT (France), he was to remain President until 1997, i.e. 34 years !, vice-president, MM. BRIEF (Germany), CHERIX (Switzerland), FANNOY (Belgium), General Secretary M. SEBBAN (France), assistant General-Secretary : M. GOETZ (Belgium).

These directors, of which M. Delcourt is the only one remaining on duty, are the ones who started the organization of World Karate. The 1964 Congress studied others issues such as the implementation of an international referee course, the issue of a newsletter, international matches, courses given by Japanese experts and for the first time, the delegates wished the organisation of European Championships. The 3rd European Congress took place on the 21st of November 1965, still in Paris. Ten nations were members then with 3 new members : Austria, who's President, M. Karl NEVECERAL will remain on duty until 1998 (and retire only for health problems), Yugoslavia and Portugal.

The Technical adviser, M. Henry PLEE attended the Congress thus 4 Japanese experts: MM. KONO, YAMASHIMA, TOYAMA and SUZUKI. The most important issue on the agenda is the adoption of statutes which will definitely achieve the European Karate Union : they are agreed unanimously and M. DELCOURT, deeply moved, tells the assembly that the European Union is now created. Applying the statutes which were just agreed, elections for the Directing Committee take place. Unanimously, M. DELCOURT is elected EKU President, M. FANNOY (Belgium), 1st vice-president ; M. CHERIX (Switzerland), 2nd vice president, M. SEBBAN (France), General Secretary, with the function of Treasurer, and M. GOETZ (Belgium), assistant general secretary.

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