WKF Ranking overview


Ranking will only apply to categories that exist in the official WKF events.

Ranking points will always round up or down to a maximum of 2 decimal numbers.

Ranking decay (4 Year Cycle): Each Year (from the day the competitor received the ranking points of an event) a deduction applies to the ranking points equal to 25%

Ranking will be applied only to categories with a minimum of seven (7) Competitors

Ranked Championships Evaluation

Championships are evaluation based on the following facts:
• Number of competitors (total)
• Number of competitors participated outside the host country
• Number of Continental/World Level Judges and Referee

An event may also be removed from the ranking status with executive committee decision if none of the WKF level requirements are met.

Ranking Points Base Values

• 1st place: 70 points
• 2nd place: 50 points
• 3rd place: 30 points
• 5th place: 20 points
• Fight Won: 8 points / per fight won
• Participation: 4 points

* in the case of a draw with 3rd and 4rth place instead of repasage 30 points will be awarded to both these places)

Ranked Championship Values (Event Factor)

The base values will be multiplied with the Event Factor to have the final ranking points.
• 1-2 WKF Accredited Competiton
• 2-3 Karate1 World Cup / Karate1 Youth Cup
• 3-4 Karate1 Premier League
• 4-6 Continental Championships
• 6-7 Invitational Events (World Games, Martial Art Games)
• 12 WKF World Championship
• 15 Olympic Games

Karate 1 - Premier League additional rules

The Karate1 ranking starts new by the first event of a Karate1 season.

In the end of the season, for each category, the competitor with the highest ranking score will be the grand winner of this category.

Grand winners (Karate1 champions) have to participate in 80 % of all Karate1 Premier League events.

Grand winners (Karate1 champions) at the end of the WKF Karate1 season receive extra price money.

The results of each Karate1 event will also influence the official continuous WKF Ranking List according to the ranking rules

The points gained per championships will be the same as WKF official ranking

The Ranked Championship Values in Karate 1 will be 3-4 evaluated the same way as with WKF Ranking


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