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AKF new web site

AKF new web site

AKF Website has changed. The new Website is as follows: http://akf-karate.n... Read more

KKF elections

Jeang Domo was elected as the president of Korea Karatedo Federation in the... Read more

Chinese Karatedo Association…

On 7th December 2012, the 2nd Congress of Chinese Karatedo Association was ... Read more

German Karate Federation Ele…

German Karate Federation Elections

Saturday the 10, November took place the election of the Presidency and the... Read more

Elections in Israel Karate F…

Elections in Israel Karate Federation

In the elections held in the Israel Karate Federation- IKF, on 5/10/12. D... Read more

Elected Board of Directors o…

Elected Board of Directors of the Egyptian Karate Federation

The Composition of the elected Board of Directors of the Egyptian Karate Fe... Read more

Cooperation German Youth Fir…

Cooperation German Youth Fire Brigade – German Karate Federation

For the first time, a German Sports Federation (the German Karate Federatio... Read more

Spanish Karate Federation el…

Spanish Karate Federation elections

Last weekend took place the elections for the Presidency of the Spanish Kar... Read more

Germanys Karate Evaluation i…

Germanys Karate Evaluation in Peking

The evaluation about the improvement in quality of life for elderly people ... Read more

1st National Congress of Sci…

1st National Congress of Science& Karate

The Iran Karate Federation organized the 1st National Congress of Science&a... Read more

Portuguese Karate Federation…

Portuguese Karate Federation general assembly

The Portuguese Karate Federation general assembly elected on September 17 i... Read more

Australian Karate Federation…

Australian Karate Federation annual meeting

Οn Friday 5th of August 2011 the Australian Karate Federation Inc.(AKF) h... Read more

Belgian Karate Federation ne…

Belgian Karate Federation new Executive Board

The Belgian Karate Federation has appointed its new Executive Board, the co... Read more

Singapore Karate Federation …

Singapore Karate Federation elections

Singapore Karate Federation conducted their Annual General Meeting (AGM) on... Read more

UFMK Congress and Championsh…

UFMK Congress and Championships

Last 2,3 and 4 September, within a brilliant organization by the Italian Ka... Read more

Cyprus Karate Federation New…

Cyprus Karate Federation New D.C.

A new directing committe has been elected recently during the elections a... Read more

English Karate Federation An…

English Karate Federation Annual General Meeting

On 15th May 2011 the English Karate Federation held their Annual General Me... Read more

Dr. Pedro Del Rosario Delgad…

Dr. Pedro Del Rosario Delgado recieves “Olympic Torch”

At a ceremony held in the Congress, the Peruvian Olimpic Committee awarded ... Read more

EKF Executive Committee meet…

EKF Executive Committee meeting

The Executive Committee of the European Karate Federation met in Hotel Park... Read more

PANAMA Karate Federation Ele…

PANAMA Karate Federation Elections

The PANAMA KARATE FEDERATION (FEPAKA) has recently elected the board member... Read more

British Karate Federation El…

British Karate Federation Elections

During the highly successful British Karate Federation 4 Nations championsh... Read more

Malta Karate Federation

Malta Karate Federation

Elections have been held within the Malta Karate Federation and the followi... Read more

CCCK elections

CCCK elections

Last 22 July, in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, during the Central American and Car... Read more






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