WKF TC Meeting in Okinawa

Last 17th, 18th and 19th May, at the Arts University of Okinawa (Japan), the WKF TC gathered in order to deal with, among others, the following issues:

Kata : New Rules at Championships and future seminar contents.

Coaches: Coaches control and operating procedures during the WKF events.

Attendees to the TC Meeting: Mr. Tsuguo Sakumoto, President. Mr. Javier Manceras, Secretary. Ms. Rumiko Oki, Mr. Michael Billman, Mr. Rubén Canedo, Mr. Ibrahim Ercin, Mr. Jyh Yeaong Huang and Mr. Len Monk, Members.

From left to right: Mr. Ibrahim Ercin, Mr. Jyh Yeaong Huang, Mr. Javier Manceras, Ms. Hiroko Noguchi (translator), Mr. Tsuguo Sakumoto, Mr. Len Monk, Mr. Michael Billman, Ms. Rumiko Oki.

From left to right: Mr. Yoshitaka Taira, Vice-President - Okinawa Karatedo Federation, Ms. Rumiko Oki, Mr. Kiyohide Shinjo, Chairman of the Board of Directors - Okinawa Karatedo Federation, Ms. Hiroko Noguchi (translator), Mr. Len Monk, Mr. Ibrahim Ercin, Mr. Tsuguo Sakumoto, Mr. Rubén Canedo, Mr. Koei Teruya, President – Okinawa Karatedo Federation, Mr. Javier Manceras, Mr. Shigeo Kurihara, Vice-President of the Japanese Karate Federation, Mr. Michael Billman, Mr. Jyh Yeaong Huang, Mrs. Huang, Mr. Akio Shimabukuro, Vice-President - Okinawa Karatedo Federation, Mr. Kenzo Nakasone, President - Shureido Co.

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