Annual General Meeting of PASO

From the 6th to the 8th of March the WKF President attended in México city the Annual General Meeting of PASO (Pan American Sport Organizations). In attendance were the WKF 1st Vice-president and PKF President William Millerson as well as the President of the Mexican Karate Federation Roberto Hernandez, who was a perfect host during all these days in México.

Also the President of the Central America and Caribbean Karate Federations (CCCK) Arturo Castillo was present in México The PASO President Mr. Mario Vazquez Raña was re-elected for a new 4 years term.

During their stay in México, the WKF President and the WKF leaders had the opportunity to meet many sport leaders of the Americas, between them numerous IOC members.

In the picture, the WKF President greets Mr. Vazquez Raña in the presence of William Millerson

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