Arab Games in Doha

The WKF President attended the Arab Games in Doha (Qatar) between the 18th and the 22nd December. The Karate competitions took place within a perfect organization and with an outstanding participation of 18 Arab National Federation, namely from the African Continent : Algeria, Comoros, Djbouti, Egypt, Morocco, Mauritania, Sudan and Tunisia, and from Asia: Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Palestine, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. The level of the competition was very high, showing the strong progress that the Arab Karate has experienced in the last years. The WKF President had the opportunity to established closer links with the National Federations present in Doha and with the Arab Karate Federation itself in view of a reinforced collaboration and joint activities with the WKF support. The WKF President visited the Qatar NOC Headquarters, where he was received by His Excellency Saoud Bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani, General Secretary of Qatar National Olympic Committee.

The WKF wants to especially thank the member of the WKF EC General Al Razooqi and the President of the Qatar Karate Federation Mr. Al Atiya for having made possible everything to run smoothly within a positive and friendly atmosphere in Doha.

The President of the Qatar Karate Federation, Khalid Bin Hamad Al-Atiya and the leadership of the Federation.

First line from left to right: Adel Malallah, Member of Qatar Karate Federation; Aboubaker Mekhfi, President of Algerian Karate Federation; Khalid Bin Hamad Al-Atiya, President of Qatar Karate Federation; Antonio Espinós, WKF President, General Nasser Alrazooqi, WKF EC Member and President of UAE Karate Federation; Eid Almoraikhi, General Secretary of Qatar Karate Federation.

Second row from left to right: Vice President of Sudan Karate Federation; Khaled Jadalmoula, Vice President of Egyptian Karate Federation; Daeej Jassem Raisi, Vice President of Asian Karate Federation and Arab Karate Federation; Mukhtar Hamid Saif, President of Yemen Karate Federation; Abbas Mahdi, President of Iraq Karate Federation; Mohammed Albakri, President of Palestine Karate Federation.

Meeting of the WKF President with the Arab Karate leaders

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