SKF meets with Prince Sultan Bin Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz

A visit has been done to His Royal Hiness Prince Sultan Bin Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz President of Youth Welfare Presidency.

His Royal Hines Prince Sultan Bin Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz President of Youth Welfare Presidency met with Dr. Ibrahim M.Al-Ganass the President of Saudi Karate Federation and Mr.Fahkr Al-Deen Abd Al-Mageed the secretary general of Arab karate Federation - secretary general of United Arab Emirates karate Federation.

WKF representatives conveyed to His Royal Hiness and His Deputy His Royal Hiness Prince Nawaf Bin Faissl Bin Fahd member of the international Olympic committee and member of the international relation the compliments of MR. Antonio Espinos the President of the World Karate Federation and we The WKF National federation officials requested to his Hines to support the World Karate Federation in his effort to make Karate sport one of the Olympic sport program plus karate sport to be continuance as one of the Asian karate tournaments program and in particular that which will be organized in Korea.

That is due to the status and the influence of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia within the countries.

His Hiness graciously asked about the method and the mechanism of supporting efforts to list karate in Olympic program as well as keeping karate in the Asian Games in 2014.

His Hiness has been provided with booklet that issued by the World Karate Federation which contain valuable information of the history of Karate and its benefits e.g. overcome the difficulties, renounce violence, physical balance, mental & moral character and humility of social solidarity.


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