Winter Olympics 2018 – Candidate City Munich – Karate provides sportambassador

munich2Since the executiveconference of the IOC on June 22th, Munich is "Candidate City" for the Winterolympics 2018 with the vice IOC president Dr. Thomas Bach on top. On the public viewing stage at the Marienplatz of Munich were a lot of celebrities of politics, economy and sports of the Olympic Candidate - Society. Furthermore four sportsambassadors presented together with the clebreties the Olympic qualities of Munich.

In addition to football, gymnastics and skiing, karate was represented by the fifteen -. year - old newcomer Lisa Schmid. She was interviewed for example by the BMW-sports chief Jörg Kottmeier and the three times olympic champion the luger Georg Hackl about Olympic Games 2018. She advertised "Friendly Games" with applause of several thousand people.

This appointment of Lisa Schmid as an ambassador for the munich candidature 2018 is a great honour not only for Karate in Germany, but also for Karate as a young ambitious sport worldwide.


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