Information on IOC Executive Board decision for new sports added in the programme

In the aftermath of the decision of the IOC Executive Board last 13th August, where Golf and Rugby 7s were selected between the seven sports candidates, the time has come to further analyse what happened in Berlin.

The voting system followed by the EB has been the usual in IOC, i.e. the candidate with fewer votes is eliminated for the following round, without
disclosing the number of votes but only the scrutinizer announcing the sport with fewer votes. This latter is particularly important to keep the purity of the process.

Fourteen (14) members were voting. Find below the results of each voting round.
Nothing special to say on the selection of the first sport. Rugby 7s got the required majority in the second round.
As regards to the selection of the second sport, in the first voting round Karate had a clear lead with 5 votes, standing as the normal final winner,
with the only need to collect 3 more votes from the 9 remaining. What happened then in the rounds that followed for Karate not collecting a single vote from the sports that were leaving the process, but additionally losing 2 of its 5 votes? We do not find any similar precedent or any rationale for such an outcome; it surely has an explanation but we cannot give it yet.

Our estimation that the 2 slots selection was going to be disputed between Karate, Golf and Rugby 7s has proved to be the correct one. The results of the voting clearly show that only these 3 sports had real chances to succeed.

Although the target has not been achieved, Karate and the WKF have played a rather dignified role, with significant IOC support and staying in the process up to the very end. We can be consequently proud of ourselves and of the WKF, and also we can rest assured that this has not been a futile exercise at all. Now its time to look ahead, to move forward and to continue working, the same as we have been always doing since 1998.

Before the Olympic Congress of Copenhagen in early October, where the WKF has already presented 3 papers, we will send a letter to all the components of the Olympic Movement - you will be given a copy - with detailed ideas and proposals towards a better and more fair way of approaching future changes in the Olympic Summer Programme.

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