AIPS Poll: Karate and Rugby 7's are the media's choice for new Olympic sports

LAUSANNE, August 12, 2009 - Members of the International Sports Press Association (AIPS) believe that Karate and Rugby 7's should be the two new sports added to the Olympic programme.

In a poll which asked members to choose two sports from the seven in contention - baseball, golf, karate, roller sports, rugby 7's , softball and squash - members voted in the majority for karate, followed closely by rugby 7's.

A total of 305 journalists from 83 countries registered their vote.

Sport Votes Percentage

Karate 120 20.48%
Rugby 7's 111 18.94%
Golf 94 16.04%
Squash 86 14.68%
Baseball 83 14.16%
Softball 54 9.22%
Roller Sports 38 6.48%

The Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will meet in Berlin tomorrow to choose the two sports to form a short list to be presented to the IOC assembly which will then vote on October 9 in Copenhagen.

The AIPS poll is an indication of which sports the media is passionate about. It does not in any way reflect or seek to influence the view of the IOC.


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