Congress of ANOCA

The WKF President Mr. Antonio Espinós travelled to from the 4th to the 8th July to Abuja (Nigeria) to attend the Congress of ANOCA (African National Olympic Committees). Also in attendance were Mr. Mesbahi Mohamed Tahar, UFAK President and WKF Vice-president, Mr. Mohamed Paraiso, UFAK General Secretary, Mr. Dieudonne Okombi, UFAK Treasurer and WKF EC member, and Mr. Souleymane Gaye, UFAK and WKF EC member. This WKF delegation had the opportunity to meet with many of the 53 African NOC's, IOC members, IOC President, ANOCA President and ANOCA EC members.

The presentation before the ANOCA Congress took place the 7th July, and 6 sports from the 7 candidates were presenting their bids. The WKF presentation succeeded to show its strong commitment with Africa and with African Karate and how to become an Olympic sport would impact the social benefits derived from karate practice to the African youth.

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