Integration through Sport Festival

On Saturday the 20th September took place in the club "Lotus" of Eppertshausen (Germany) the Festival "Integration through Sport", organised by Erko Kakac, founder of the club "Lotus" as well as Integration Ambassador of the DOSB (Deutsche Olympische Sport Bund) and Chairman of the WKF Commission for Handiccapped.

The event counted with the presence, between others, of the German Minister of Justice Mrs. Brigitte Zypries, the President of the DOSB and IOC Vice-president Mr. Thomas Bach.

Also the WKF President Mr. Antonio Espinós attended the event, accompanied by the President of DKV Mr. Roland Hantsche and Vice-president Mr. Wolfgang Weigert.

The Karate presentations were introduced by Mr. Walter Sosniak from DKV. The President of WKF delivered a speech in German, and between others he said that the sport is a rather suitable vehicle for the social integration of the minorities, over all the emigrants, and that between the different sports, karate is especially suited to contribute to this integration: It is Attractive, popular, accessible and is present everywhere. The sports people speak a common language and they understand each other very well, irrespective of where they come from, what is the colour of their skin or what are their believes

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