19th WKF Championships Congress

The WKF Congress held during the 19th World Karate Championships in Tokyo was held on Wednesday, November 12th. The Congress honored their departed EC Members John Halpin and Jose Achiam. This was followed with a beautiful memorial held in honor of our departed Treasurer.

Due the late passing of Mr. Achiam his memorial will first take place during the next WKF Congress. One of the highlights of the congress were the presentation of the WKF action plans up to the IOC Meeting in Copenhagen in October 2009 where the next Olympic program will be settled.

The WKF President, will actually be breaking off his Championship schedule in order to give his presentation to the IOC Program Commission in Lausanne, and will then return to Tokyo on Saturday fro the rest of the Championship.

During the IOC session in Copenhagen there will be a special karate tournament held to give IOC members an additional opportunity to experience high level karate first hand.

The Congress has the opportunity to see the development of the WKF marketing materials, including presentations, brochures and web site development.

The online registration is one of the many assets WKF has had from the development work that has been done in making the organization better equipped to serve its members.

The only legislative issue put the congress was a clarification of the paragraph 5.8 of the WKF Constitution, pertaining to application fee for new members, which passed without incident.

A historical marker for this Congress was the inclusion of the Peoples Republic of China as full member of the WKF. The total membership of the WKF family is now 180 national federations.

The candidates for the next two WKF Championships presented their candidature for the approval of the congress and the Junior and Cadets’ World Championship for 2009 was subsequently awarded to Morocco while the World Senior Championship 2010 was awarded to Serbia.

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