CKO Coaching Seminar

With strong support of WKF, the Coaching Seminar specially designed for Chinese Karatedo Association as part of 2008 WKF development program, was successfully organized from 19th to 24th March at CKA Training Center in Shanghai.

40-member China National Karatedo Team and more than 70 coaches from local provinces attended the seminar and benefited a lot from the 5 day's lectures, which was conducted by Mr. Antonio Oliva, a WKF 8 Dan and internationally acknowledged karate expert, assisted by Australian friends Mr. Richard Bradford and Mr. Brian Peakall (WKF Athletes Commission Chairman).

By participating in the high quality seminar, all participants regarded as a memorable moment in their karate career, because they learned much from the senior international karate masters, which will definitely help them to be well equipped as a qualified karate coach.

Chinese Karatedo Association gave great importance to the first WKF seminar in China and made great efforts to ensure all the relevant works are in good order and well arranged. CKA officials were present at the seminar and expressed gratitude to the experts and technical assistance of WKF, promising that CKA will take further and continuous measures to promote karate sport to a higher level in China.

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