UFAK General Secretary in AASC

The UFAK General Secretary, Mr. Mohamed Paraiso, has been elected as 3rd Vice-President of the Association of African Sport Confederations. The elections took place in Maputo, Mozambique on September 12th.

The AASC is created on July 23,1983 at Abidjan, Ivory Coast . The Headquarters is in Yaounde, Cameroun.In 2011. AASC has about 45 African Members Confederations.

Following the elections held in Maputo, Mozambique, September 12, 2011,New elected Executive Bureau Members Composition is as follow :

President : General Ahmed Fouly ( President African Taekwondo Federation)

1st Vice-President : El Hadj ISSA Hayatou ( President of Confederation Africaine de Football )

2nd Vice-President : M. Mbagnick Ndiaye ( President of African Escrime Confederation )

3rd Vice-President : M. Mohamed PARAISO ( Secretary General, Union of African Karate Federation )

1st Member : Habib Cissoko ( Vice President African Judo Confederation )

2nd Member : Liebeth Stolz( President , African Triathlon Confederation )


1° Finances, Sponsoring and Marketing : M. Mbagnick Ndiaye (2nd Vice-President)

2 ° Programmes : M. Mohamed PARAISO (3rd Vice-President )

The objectives are as follow :

· Represent African Sports Confederations within the African Union (UA)and act on behalf African Sport Movement African Sports

· Maintain fruitful relations with international sports organisations such us ANOCA, IOC,IPC, African Union and so one .

· Contribute in drawn up programmes of All African Games, ensure their Organization and be technically responsible.

· Promote understanding , cooperation and mutual assistance among African Sports Confederations

· Promote ethics, Fairplay and integrity in sports activities management.

· Faster the exchange of experiences in relation to technical and administrative organization

· Harmonize the points of view of members on issues pertaining to African sport policy and the management of sport at the international level

· Combat all forms of racial , political, sexual or religious discrimination in sport ;

· Cooperate in the campaign to eradicate HIV / AIDS/drugs abuse, environment protection and Fight against poverty.

· Collaborate with other partners of African Sport Movement to limit the uncontrolled exodus of African talents.

· Cooperate with Governments in order to seek solutions to the problems existing between them and national sports federation or African confederations.

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