WKF working group for the new competition rules

The WKF working group for the new Kumite competition rules met in Istanbul on 16th and 17th September in coincidence with the Premier League event that was also the last test event before the WKF Executive Committee will meet in Melaka (Malaysia) next 12th October to examine and approve this project.

The WKF President and General Secretary were also present in Istanbul and attended the 16th September meeting.

The Istanbul experience has been totally successful and the final draft will be prepared by the chairman of the working group and WKF Vice-president, Mr. Gunnar Nordahl, in order to be circulated to the EC.

group 4 rules 1

From left to right, J. Escalante (RC Secretary), T. Sakumoto (TC Chairman), C. Kassis (RC Chairman), F. Didier (Sports Commissioner), G. Nordahl (Chairman and WKF Vice-president), Y. Lindqvist (EC member), S. Gaye (EC member)

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