15th IOC World Conference on Sport

The WKF President attended the 15th IOC World Conference on Sport for All in Lima, Peru. This Conference has brought together the leading experts in the field of Sport for All to share their best practices.

Mr. Antonio Espinós, WKF President and Mr. Pedro del Rosario,  President of the Peruvian Karate Federation

The sport of Karate has much to say in this domain, as a leading sport in the contribution of the social benefits derived from Karate practice and at the same time being an universal sport with a massive presence in continents like Africa and Asia and in all countries under development, a sport that does not require venues, equipment, etc., and therefore ideal to be practiced by the youth in these regions that do not have much resources, making Karate and sport for all the best combination possible.
The conference was also attended by Pedro del Rosario, President of the Peruvian Karate Federation, to whom the WKF President wants to transmit his thanks for all the help and support provided, as well as to the other members of the Peruvian Karate Federation who can be seen in the picture below.

From left to right: Armando Pinillos, Rudy Montero, Eduardo Canales, Antonio Espinós, Pedro Del Rosario, Ricardo Farfán and José Espinoza.

Also Donald Celestine, President of the Seychelles Karate Federation, was present in Lima attending the Conference, he met the WKF President and it was a very good opportunity to make plans together with the WKF for future initiatives that help to develop Karate in the islands


In the picture, the WKF President with Donald Celestine

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