WKF President visited Tokyo

The WKF President visited Tokyo from 15th to 18th January, as a very important milestone of the campaign for the 2020 Olympic Karate. He participated, together with the President of the JKF, Mr. Takashi Sasagawa, in a gathering with the representatives of the JKF style organizations, and also he met the Minister of Sport of Japan Mr. Hirofumi Shimomura. The trip concluded with a Press Conference organized by the JKF, attended massively by representatives of Japanese press and TV.

This visit to Japan, motherland of Karate, has been an outstanding success in the way of assuring the full support of Japan to the Olympism of Karate. During his stay in Tokyo, the WKF President also held several meetings with the JKF and with the JKF President, Mr.Takashi Sasagawa, giving a detailed update on the process and all the elements necessary for allowing the JKF a full, well grounded, and active support of Karate's candidature.

From this WKF webpage, the WKF President Mr. Antonio Espinós wants to thank the JKF and very especially its President Mr. Takashi Sasagawa for all the interest, for the perfect and professional preparation of the visit and for the full support to the "K is on the way" campaign.


From left to right: Antonio Espinós (WKF President), Hirofumi Shimomura (Sports Minister), Takashi Sasagawa (JKF President)


From left to right: Takasuke Aritake, Hiroko Noguchi, Iwaki Hashimoto, Antonio Espinós, Sports Minister: Hirofumi Shimomura, Takashi Sasagawa, Shigeo Kurihara, Akio Kondo

From left to right:
Back row: Shigeo Tanaka (Renbu-kai), Sanzo Kitahara (Shito-kai), Genzo Iwata (Shito-kai), Takeshi Nakamura (Junior High School Sports Federation), Masao Kakimoto (Junior High School Sports Federation), Yoshiaki Nobukawa (University Karatedo Federation), Homare Takeda (Rengo-kai), Kazuhiko Furukawa (University Karatedo Federation), Minoru Kawawada (Japan Karate Association), Takuya Taniyama (Japan Karate Association), Yoshinori Matsui (Wado-kai), Tomonori Namiki (Goju-kai), Toshio Sugishita (High School Sports Federation), Koichi Shimura (Wado-kai), Kiyotoshi Kanno (Renbu-kai)

Front row: Shuji Kusaka (JKF Sec. Gen.), Akio Kondo (High School Sports Federation), Iwaki Hashimoto (JKF Standing Committee Member, WKF EC Member), Shigeo Kurihara (JKF Vice-President), Takashi Sasagawa (JKF President), Antonio Espinós (WKF President), Yusaku Nakamura (JKF Standing Committee Member), Takasuke Aritake (JKF Chief Director), Hirotaka Okumura (Rengo-kai), Seiji Ikeda (Workers' Group Federation), Masamitsu Hirosume (Workers' Group Federation)

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