Everything is Karate

The World Karate Federation has presented to the IOC Program Commission, his Olympic Sport Candidature, in Lausanne (Switzerland), in 19th December.

All the team from WKF has been very happy and confident in order to get the goal (OLYMIPIC KARATE 2020) after the event. The job has been excellent, and everybody is sure that the message with the values, tradition and innovation of KARATE is received by the IOC.

Team members of WKF by:

Mr. Antonio Espinós - President 

Mr. George Yerolimpos - Secretary General 

Mr. Francis Didier - Sports Commissioner & Executive Committee Member 

Mr. Davide Benetello - Deputy Chairman Athletes Commission 

Mss. Tessy Scholtes - Member of Athletes Commission 

Mr. Fernando Román - Technical Support 

In combat sports, everything is KARATE, and KARATE is everywhere. These two titles are the strong arguments that WKF has used to show the power of his sport. KARATE is all over the World, like sport, but also, in movies, tv programs, video games, culture, and life style.

WKF has completed an excellent evolution in the last years. One month ago, in Paris, WKF had showed the Best World Championships of the History of KARATE, with record in athletes, spectators, broadcasters tv, accredited journalists, sponsoring, etc.. making a real SPORT SHOWCASING, and, of course, always respecting the essence of the Olympic Movement.

100 MILLIONS of KARATEKAS around the world, and 65% share of young people guaranties the present of KARATE, and the future. KARATE IS TOP in the competition, and an example of good and healthy habits each day, everywhere, KARATE IS EVERYTHING

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