IOC members visit the 21st World Championships

IOC PROGRAMME COMMISSION MEMBERS AT THE 21st World Senior Karate Championships.

Mr. Michael Fennell and Mr. Pierre Fratter-Bardy, on behalf of the IOC are attending the 21st World Senior Karate Championships as observers for evaluating Karate.

Mr. Michael Fennell and Mr. Pierre Fratter-Bardy IOC Programme Commission members with Mr. Antonio Espinos, WKF President

The event started on Wednesday, 21st November, with the participation of 116 countries and more than 1000 athletes . On previous days, the WKF EC gathered to deal with several issues, among them, the approval of the new Kata Rules. Also, on the same day, 20th November, the WKF Congress was held, the NF's Presidents and representatives were attending it and the ratification of EC approved changes in the WKF Statutes took place there, together with the presentation of WKF future events: World Junior & Cadet Championships 2013, Guadalajara (Spain), World Senior Championships 2014, Bremen (Germany), World Junior & Cadet Championships 2015, Jakarta , (Indonesia) and the World Senior Championships 2016, Linz, (Austria).

These Paris Championships were officially opened by Mr. Antonio Espinós, WKF President, on Friday, 23rd November after Mr. Francis Didier, President of the French Karate Federation, gave her speech. Afterwards, an amazing Opening Ceremony took place.

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