WKF, absolutely successful on fight against Doping

 "In last 7 years that I have been in charge of WKF_AD, total numbers of Doping Control Tests have been increased more than 50% globally while the percent of Adverse Analytical Findings decreased from 1.79% to 0.88% that equals to more than %50 decreases. Also the total number of Out of Competition Tests increased same. Statistics shows Karate is one of the cleanest sports in the world and WKF has been absolutely successful on fight against Doping. We have not had any AAF in last 7 championships too.

We held a pre-championship re-educational course on 24 November 2012 for Doping Control Officers and Chaperons in order to do the doping control testing compliance with WADA Code and International Standards.

The numbers of Doping Control Tests were taken in 21th Senior Championships in Paris covered whole competition categories.

I believe the development of using ADAMS by athletes and National Federations and educational programs are the main issues that WKF will concentrate on them more than before in 2013.

I would like to appreciate France Anti-Doping Agency, France Karate Federation's sincere cooperation and all Doping Control Officer and chaperones who worked hard during the championship from early morning to late night".

Dr Hamid Zaeimkohan, Chairman of WKF Anti-doping Committee

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