31st "Villa de Madrid" International Karate Tournament

Due to the celebration of the 31st "Villa de Madrid" International Karate Tournament, the national teams of Spain, Japan and Turkey showed their support to the candidature of 2020 OLYMPIC KARATE.

The WKF President, Antonio Espinós, offered up the "K" that symbolizes the dream on being in the Olympic Programme. This is the aim of the Karate Family and for this reason it has been working since long time ago all over the world.

From the WKF, Karate values are clearly spread as a sport activity but also as a lifestyle committed with health and education, especially for the young people.

The national teams of the three candidate cities to host the 2020 Olympic Games, with this gesture, also show the amazing implementation and spread of Karate in those three cities (countries). For example: in Madrid, more than 10.000 people crowded the Stadium and enjoyed a top level competition.

Spain was the winner in team KUMITE. In male category, the gold was for Yaser Sahinyekin from Turkey and in female category, Cristina Vizcaino from Spain was the winner. Everybody is dreaming in enjoying Karate as a Olympic Sport in 2020


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