7th World junior and cadet championships

Message from WKF President

It was very good news for all the components of the World Karate Federation the day that the WKF Congress decided to host these 2011 Championships in Malaysia. The Malaysian Karate Federation already hosted in 1994 the World Senior Championships inside a big success; with this new challenge it is going to become the only National Federation in Asia to have hosted both the Senior and the Junior & Cadet World Championships.

I have visited Melaka early this year and everything is going to be ready in October to host successful World Championships in a beautiful place as Melaka is, and I am sure that the 100 countries from the 5 continents that will join in Melaka will live unforgettable days there.

Our thanks to the President of the Malaysian Karate Federation and Chief Minister of Melaka Yab Datuk Seri Haji Mohd Ali Bin Mohd Rustam for all he is doing for the Federation and for the sport Karate in Malaysia; we also want to extend these thanks to the whole team of the Federation.

During the meetings that the WKF team and the team of the Malaysian Federation haveheld in order to prepare a successful event, all the components of the WKF team have learnt from a different but equally efficient way of approaching the works, and without any doubt all this is going to serve us for an improved service to this big International Sports Federation as the WKF is.

We all wait impatient for the time to travel to Malaysia and Melaka to come.

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