Germanys Karate Evaluation in Peking

The evaluation about the improvement in quality of life for elderly people by Karate, which was initiated by the vice president of the German Karate Federation Wolfgang Weigert together with the University of Regensburg, was a huge success in content and media. Among the 48 participants in 4 Karate groups the best test results were succeeded by the 65 to 81 year old. In avoiding falling down as well as the decrease of depressions of elderly people and the general physical constitution there were significant advancements proven with Karate practice.

The German print media and television reported in million editions about the study with the title: "Karate makes elderly people happy" in which the 81 year old Anne Lang played the main character.

However the highlight was the speech of the doctor in charge Dr. Katharina Dahmen-Zimmer at the "1st Chinese-European Congress of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery" in Peking. Alongside with the world's most famous plastic surgeons and anti-aging experts, Dr. Dahmen-Zimmer as a member of the International Invited Faculty presented the study with the title "Effects of Karate Training on Cognitive functioning and mental state of elderly people ." Karate has got the best chances to become a member of the International Invited Faculty. For this reason Karate could be the first accepted sport against anti-aging.

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