Singapore Karate Federation elections

 Singapore Karate Federation conducted their Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 29 January 2011. The AGM had elected a new Management Committee team to manage the Singapore Karate-Do Federaion.

The New Management Team:

1) President - Mr Peter Chong
2) Vice President / Techincal Director - Mr David Thong
3) Vice President - Mr Jason Tan Eng Seng
4) Vice President - Mr Richard Ng
5) Vice President - Mr Huang Ee Choon
6) Hon. Secretary - Mr Ong Wei Yang
7) Assistant Hon. Secretary - Mr Jason Wong
8) Assistant Hon. Secretary - Mr Lawrence Tan
9) Hon. Treasurer - Mr Tay Qinyuan
10) Assistant Hon. Treasurer - Mr Tay Qinyuan
11) Assistant Hon. Treasurer - Mr Hogan Yeo
11) General Affair Officer - Dr Ong Choon Kiat
12) Assistant General Affair Officer - Mr Lee How Say
13) Assistant General Affair Officer - Mr Ki Chee Tong

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